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*Custom Motorcycle Trophies

Fabricated with style. We use reclaimed materials, parts, tools, etc. We specialize in auto/motorcycle areas, yet have created trophies for multiple events, in wide ranges. These are 100% handmade. We never create the same trophy twice. Our trophies are considered “Art” and are definitely conversation pieces, as well as decoration. Advanced notice is needed to make trophies, reach out as soon as possible.

*Custom Motorcycle Art

If you can think it, we can create it. Multiple metals can be used. All ideas are entertained. Wall art, yard art, standing sculptures, furniture, decoration, custom presents, paperweights, and more. Themes and objects re-created using various materials. All are 100% handmade and can Not be recreated exactly. These can be for decoration or use !!!! We do our best to provide total satisfaction to our customers.


We hope you like our products, services, and ideas. If so, please spread the word, as referrals are the best advertising. We are a small business hoping to reach many. Your support is greatly appreciated. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

*Custom Sissy Bars

*We offer multiple thicknesses and types of metal used. We can offer round stock or square stock. We offer hot rolled or cold rolled steel, and stainless steel. We use the best available materials, american made. Multiple sizes, shapes, and widths. Custom sissy bars can be made to fit any make/model motorcycle. These can be made to bolt up to existing sissy bar brackets, can be fabricated with a bracket attached, or can be custom fabricated to fit any hard tail frame. Measurements and pictures are required after consultation, to ensure a proper fit.

*Custom designs are available. Ranging from the shape to design, and art. Custom inserts can be fabricated and sized. Custom 3 Dimensional steel fabrication can be created and attached. The options are endless. We can create “works of art” that are “one of a kinds”. We encourage your ides, we submit possibilities, and we work together with our customers to create custom pieces, that can not be found elsewhere.

*Multiple finishes are available. We can fabricate your bar and leave it “raw”, as sanded steel, coarse to accept paint, or to be clear coated, or even left to accept the elements. We offer “regular old rattle can” finishes, with or without clear coat. We offer Powder Coating and Chroming. ***Powder Coating and Chroming are sent out to be professionally finished by a very highly respected company. These finishes are subject to a longer wait time for completion.